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Moving or Selling your House


It is your responsibility to request a final reading of your utilities and pay the final bill before closing.

Once you confirm your closing date, call our office at least three business days before closing to schedule a final reading on the electric and water meter. We will need someone present at the service location if the property has a water meter. Your final utility bill will be ready after 10:00 am, on the same day the final reading is taken. You may stop by our office to pay the final bill.

Because we are a Municipal Light Department, all amounts due constitute a lien against the property and must be paid before the closing. The total outstanding balance must be paid in full before one can receive the lien release letter.



Call us with the date of your last day at the rental property and your forwarding address.  We will take a meter reading on that date and generate a final bill. 

If the final bill is less than the meter deposit we will issue a refund.

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