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Emergency Contact between 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (508) 756-9508


Emergency Contact after hours (508) 210-5646

What Should I Do During a Power Outage?

If the power in your house goes out, make sure the problem is not due to a internal blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker in your home. One quick way to do this is to see if your neighbors have power. 

Some circumstances are beyond our control. Ice storms, wind storms, snow storms, car accidents involving utility poles, equipment vandalism and excavations of underground lines by citizens or rodents are repaired by our work crews as soon as possible.

If you power fails:

  • Check your fuse box for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

  • If the tripped circuit breaker is not the cause, please call us.

Causes of a Power Outage

Being without power is always an inconvenience. Even though Paxton Light strives to provide our customers with a safe and reliable electric service, power outages do occur. There are several things that can cause a power outage. Much of the time, they are due to:

  • Traffic accidents, where a pole is broken, causing power lines to touch or break

  • Bad weather is another factor that can cause outages. This may be due to lightning, where equipment is                hit or where trees are struck and fall onto power lines

  • High winds can cause power lines to touch and short out. Winds can also blow trees into the lines,                            causing them to go out or even fall to the ground    

  • Ice storms can also be an issue, where they create a buildup of ice on lines and trees. The weight of this,                  can cause lines to knock into each other, causing an outage or even cause trees to fall onto the power                      lines

  • Also, on occasion, small animals climb up into electrical equipment, which can cause it to shut down.

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