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Start Service

Paxton Municipal Light Department (PMLD) welcomes you to the area. To initiate service, you must contact our office. We require a service application to be completed in full and in person at our office located at 578 Pleasant Street, Paxton, MA 01612.

PMLD is required to verify the identity of ALL new customers. 


Deposits Required for All Renters

A sufficient deposit to secure payment for electricity used is required in advance from all renters. If such a deposit is retained for a period longer than six months, interest (set by the General Court of Massachusetts) will be credited monthly to the customer’s account.

  • Residential - Deposit shall be equal to an estimated bill of up to three months service or the minimum of $300

  • Commercial – A security deposit equaling the projected electrical usage of the highest three months during a one-year period is required. Important – Remember, you will remain responsible for electricity used after you have moved if you fail to notify us of the move.

Landlord/Tenant Information

The tenant is responsible for the electric bill after paying the required deposit until we are notified by the tenant of their relocation. Electricity will not be shut off between tenants, but will be transferred to the landlord’s name after a tenant vacates the premises. The landlord is then responsible for the electric bill until such time when a new tenant moves in and pays the deposit required. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure any new tenant has transferred power to their name.

Paxton Municipal Light Department will not become involved in any landlord/tenant issues.

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