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What We Do

Paxton Municipal Light Department, has been providing affordable, reliable, state-of-the-art electric service to the residential and commercial customers for over 100 years!


We repair and maintain the electric system and construct new facilities to extend electric service to new customers. We also install and maintain streetlights and lease lights, and provide electrical service for Town-sponsored community events.

We also do the following:

  • Install and Maintain Streetlights for area towns on a contract basis

  • Bill for the Water Department and for trash services

  • If you believe that your water bill is too high/inaccurate, please call our office. For all other issues related to the Water ex water main breaks, discolored water, please call the Water Department at 508-753-9077.

 Daily Line Operations

 The Line crew consists of 3 linemen and 1 apprentice who operate on voltages ranging from 120 -13,800 on a daily     basis. Their work includes:

  • Electric Service upgrades

  • Working with builders/electricians to establish new service 

  • Setting Poles

  • Switching streetlights to high-efficiency LEDs at no extra cost to the ratepayers 

  • Installing and maintaining lease lights

  • Replacing outdated wire

  • Tree Trimming near power lines

  • Mutual aid - The surrounding towns will call and request assistance to restore power due to storms. Our team also traveled to St. Thomas in 2017 to offer mutual aid!

 On Call

 The Line crew is on call at any 24 hour time period to cover any unexpected outages. This allows us to restore   power as fast as possible. We work closely with the town departments and residents to eliminate any concerns   about low lying branches near power lines and low hanging wires.

 Town BackUp Electric System Feed is Complete

  • The Light Department is excited to announce the joint effort with National Grid and our employees. There is one circuit from our substation, so in the event of a transmission line failure, the Town will be electrically fed from alternate sources. The Light Department greatly appreciates the co-operation from National Grid in helping with the backup feed for our Town!


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